Healthy Mouths: Back to the Basics

Article by Christine S. Maxwell, Vicinity Magazine
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Vicinity Magazine - February 2020

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Daniel Barletta, DMD, believes that good dental health is a partnership between dentist and patient. Below, he discusses preventative measures for optimal oral health.

What are the different types of patients you see?

I love seeing all my patients, from the patients that only need exams and cleanings every 4-6 months to the patient that needs extensive dental care. For the patients that have not seen a dentist for a long time, because of fear or cost, I take the time to develop a suitable treatment plan. Most rewarding is the patient that regularly comes for exams, x rays, and cleanings and has not had a filling or any dental work for 15 or more years.

What is the common denominator for patients that don’t need a lot of dental work?

They don’t ever miss their regular cleaning appointments, which is so essential in removing the plaque and tarter. Another common factor I see in healthy mouths is excellent home care. These patients brush their teeth carefully, thoroughly, and diligently for at least two minutes twice a day. Electric toothbrushes also lead to less plaque and healthier gums.

Is brushing your teeth a significant factor?

Yes, but cleaning in between teeth is also essential. Brushing alone will clean about 60% of the tooth, but for cleaning the entire tooth, use floss and other interdental cleaning devices. A “proxa brush” designed to clean surface areas between two adjacent teeth is an excellent choice. We always demonstrate to our patients how to use these instruments in our office.


Home-Office Dental Practice – Still Vibrant Today!

Article by Vicinity Magazine

Vicinity Magazine - Summer 2019

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As Captain Henry Barletta, US ARMY dentist, turned off of Springfield Avenue only Pitney Avenue in New Providence in 1957, he never would have believed that his brand-new brick home-office would still be treating families over 60 years later. Starting the practice after serving two years at Fort Dix, his home-office quickly became a solid fixture for the residents of the picturesque town of New Providence and surrounding communities.

When his third child, Daniel, after graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University Dental School in 1985 began working in the same home-office on Pitney Avenue, Dr. (Henry) Barletta could not have been prouder. Dr. Dan, as many of his patients refer to him, has carried on the tradition that his father began – treating all patients with care and compassion in a welcoming and warm setting. Dr. (Dan) Barletta, his wife Laurie, and their five children have been thrilled to be an active part of the New Providence community: being involved with sports; coaching; school shows; booster clubs; fund raising events; church groups and more.

The practice continues to thrive with the announcement of Dr. Michael Ziobro joining the office. Dr. Ziobro graduated Cum Laude from the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University. At his general practice residency at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, Dr. Ziobro had been treating a diverse patient population and has gained extensive experience with the newest dental technological advancements.

Dr. Barletta and his new associate strive to offer their patients state of the art technology in a comfortable, friendly and “home-like” environment. Dr. Ziobro and his family have moved into the community and may someday call the brick home-office on the corner of Springfield and Pitney their home.

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